Reliable Payroll = Reliable Business

No amount of corporate culture or leadership can make up for late or incorrect payments made to employees. Reliable payroll = reliable business. Make the same mistake with contractors, and word will eventually get out that your business is an unreliable client.

As you scale up, you must also align your payroll solutions and anticipate future needs. 

Managing payroll well can be challenging, even for experienced professionals. Do you have remote workers, multi-state or global employees? If so, you need a great payroll company!

What services does TPC The Payroll Company HR Consultants provide?

TPC The Payroll Company, HR Consultants offers customized payroll services and solutions for each client depending on size and needs. You want to minimize the distraction of payroll and ensure it is done right and on time while also being compliant with all federal, state, and other laws and regulations. Just as important you want to know all payroll-related taxes and filings are done right the first time. You want regular reports to track expenses and manage your business. You want a human representative that knows your business and can answer your questions. We offer all the above and the following services:


  • Direct Deposit
  • Pay Cards
  • Software Integration
  • Automated Deductions
  • Retirement \ 401K \ IRA Options
  • Expertise in Payroll for
    • Unions
    • Casinos
    • Construction
    • Medical & Legal
    • Food & Beverage Companies