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We offers employee management solutions to keep track of vacation, absences, and much more!




Let us take the burden of human resources management off your shoulders.




Keeping track of when employees time on and off can be exhausting. We can help, so you can focus on your business.




TPC customizes payroll services for each client depending on its size and needs.

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Why choose us

Our industry consultants help address your most challenging issues in running a business.

TPC Management Consulting exists to help your company improve business performance and turn risk into opportunities. We have a wide variety of specialized expertise and relationships that can be leveraged to identify and resolve areas of opportunity. Our services include helping you create and manage:

  • Organizational Change
  • Coaching Skills
  • Compliance
  • Process analysis
  • Strategy Development
  • Operational Improvement
  • Compliance
  • Project Management
  • Company Culture
  • Customer Service Process and Training
  • Employee Motivation and Compensation
  • Brand Foundations
  • Cost Reductions
  • Revenue Improvement

TPC brings humanity back to Human Resources. As your HR partner, we free up more of your time, giving you the time and resources to attend to your other business needs. We ensure you stay compliant, minimize administrative work and improve communication with your team.

TPC offers a wide range of HR services in Las Vegas and throughout the United States. Our philosophy is to customize our services based on your needs to maximize your Human Resource effectiveness and to help you develop a strategic Human Resources plan to drive your business forward.

Based on your needs, we have three tiers of service:
Tier 1-Making HR information, template documents, and answers available to you online. (Recommended for small clients that have HR experience.)

Tier 2-Making HR information, template documents, and answers available to you online WITH access to speak to an HR Professional. (Recommended for small clients w/o HR experience and mid-size clients with HR experience.)

Tier 3-Customized package combining Tier 2 with direct access to TPC HR Professionals. We would go onsite and conduct an HR audit to assess needs and opportunities to help you develop a strategic Human Resources plan to drive your business forward. While we are happy to provide one-off services to our customers that only need occasional assistance, we also like to offer a customized Monthly Package to our customers that need a more regular, comprehensive service.

Our Human Resource services include but are not limited to:

    • File Management
    • Employer Branding (Branding the company to employees and prospective employees)
    • Performance Management – Employee Evaluations
    • Performance Management – Progressive Discipline/Termination Advice and Counsel w/Templates
    • Employment Letters, Agreements, and Contracts
    • Volunteer Management Trainings
    • Review and Recommendations of Employee or Volunteer Handbooks
    • Labor Law Compliance
    • Strategic Development and Guidance
    • Succession Planning
    • Employee and Leadership Development – Individual Development Plans
    • Workplace Communications
    • Recruitment
    • Many more services

Managing employee schedules, hours worked, and time off is critical for payroll accuracy and compliance. TPC Payroll HR Consultants can help with its cutting-edge management technology allowing you to focus on your business. Our Time and Attendance services will help you stay compliant and reduce labor costs.
We also can track time and attendance, including:

  • Employee time scheduling for cost control
  • Web Clock
  • Biometrics Clock
  • Mobile Timekeeping Software with built-in GPS systems
  • Many more options for time and attendance tracking

TPC also offers employee management solutions to keep track of vacation times, absences, and employee analytics.

  • Vacation and time off tracking
  • Leave of absence tracking
  • Coordination with attendance policies
  • Overtime and absence analytics
  • Multiple time tracking device options

TPC customizes payroll services and solutions for each client depending on its size and needs. You want to minimize the distraction of payroll and ensure it is done right and on time while also being compliant with all federal, state, and other laws and regulations. Just as important you want to know all payroll-related taxes and filings are done and done right. You want regular reports so you can track expenses to manage your business. You want a human representative that knows your business and can answer your questions. We offer all of the above and the following services:

  • Direct deposit and mobile payroll
  • Calculate tax deductions
    • By automating deductions from employee wages to ensure the correct dollar amount is given to the government
  • Calculate retirement contribution
  • IT software that ensures there is no duplication of entry
  • Educated payroll staff stays on top of new laws so you are compliant with federal and state rules and regulations

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