Stop Worrying About

Management Consulting, Human Resources, Scheduling and Timekeeping and Payroll

You want your human resources and payroll functions to be seamless and challenge free. You want a partner to work with so you can know, with absolute confidence, that you’re meeting all legal and fiscal responsibilities and making the right moves to achieve your business objectives.

At TPC Payroll HR Consultants, we know how busy you are and how many tasks you are juggling to run your business. Our job is to take human resources and payroll functions off your plate so that you can concentrate on doing the work that matters most – catering to your current clients, earning new relationships and increasing profitability.

Since 2000

A New Direction

We've created a new direction for the human resources and payroll industries. We are the non-corporate/human touch alternative. We partner with you to help you achieve your business objectives. Our clients value being able to easily reach a human being who knows their business and the market.

Are you tired of:

-Being “served” by companies that force you to hit several voice response buttons just to talk to a human being who doesn’t know anything about you or your business?
-Being forced to do business online when you want to talk to a person or vice versa?
-Explaining your issue multiple times?
-Many other similar examples of “customer service” that today’s “corporate” consulting, human resources and payroll companies provide?

If so, then TPC is the right fit for you! Like most Americans you probably have “Corporate Avoidance Syndrome.” Guess what! So do we! Give us a call to work with a partner that brings a personalized approach to client relationships and knows every client is unique.