Please select the response that best answers these questions.

Discipline & Termination:

Do you understand the risks associated with termination?  

  1. Yes. Every termination comes with some risk. We work to minimize those risks by consistently applying our policies and thoroughly documenting performance issues.
  2. I realize some terminations are risky, but we don’t focus on that.
  3. We’re an at-will employer, so we can terminate employment at any time and for any reason. 
  4. We don’t worry about that.

Do your managers formally document performance issues? 

  1. Yes, our managers do an excellent job with respect to documenting performance issues and administering disciplinary action consistently.
  2. Our managers are pretty good about documenting major performance issues, but we don’t always get things written down and in employee files.
  3. Admittedly, we’ve had trouble on the documentation front.
  4. Documentation??  What??

Leave Laws:

Are you familiar with the ABCs of leave and benefit laws that may apply to your organization, including FMLA, COBRA, ADA, and USERRA? 

  1. Yes, I’m familiar with these laws and know when to go looking for more information.
  2. I know some laws that apply to us, but there may be others I’m missing.
  3. I’m not very familiar with these at all.
  4. FMLA??  I can’t even pronounce that!  Help!

Does your company have a policy for accommodating employees under the Americans with Disabilities Act or similar state laws? 

  1. Yes. We use the Interactive Process to determine whether we can make any reasonable accommodations.
  2. We tell employees we’ll do what we can for them.
  3. We don’t provide accommodations because they are an undue burden on our organization.
  4. We have fewer than 15 employees and no state laws are in play.
  5. We don’t like to coddle our employees.  It makes them weak!

Does your organization have an employee handbook? 

  1. Yes, we’ve reviewed it recently to make sure it complies with federal and state law and accurately reflects our actual practices.
  2. Yes, but I’m not sure when it was last reviewed or how familiar our managers are with it.
  3. We see the need for a handbook but don’t know where to start.
  4. Handbook?  Why would we do that when we can fly by the seat of our pants!


Do you feel good about your I-9s being completed and stored in accordance with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) standards? 

  1. Yes, I’m an I-9 rock star. We are careful about checking employment verification documents, are using the newest form, and keep our I-9s filed separately from our other personnel records.
  2. I think we’ve done the right things, but I’m not totally sure.
  3. Please, please, please don’t give USCIS my address. 

Does your organization have a policy against harassment in the workplace? 

  1. Yes. We have a written policy and provide training to our employees on the topic.
  2. We have a written policy, but don’t have pieces of training on the topic.
  3. We don’t have a written policy, but we make it clear to our employees that harassment is not allowed.
  4. We don’t address harassment with our employees, but hope they’ll be on their best behavior at work.
  5. We believe in Karma

Wage & Hour

Do you know how quickly employees who have quit or been terminated need to receive their final paycheck? 

  1. Yes. I know both the federal and state requirements for pay at termination.
  2. I know the federal requirements, but I’m not sure about state requirements.
  3. We hold final paychecks until company property is returned.
  4. I’m a little fuzzy on my obligations. 

Are you properly tracking and paying all time worked, including overtime, by non-exempt employees? 

  1. Yes, I track overtime on a weekly basis, and am confident in my timekeeping and recordkeeping system. 
  2. We do our best, but our systems may not be foolproof. 
  3. I don’t feel confident in our current methods and think we could use help with this. 
  4. We would rather not track OT now so we can pay huge fines in the future!

Are you confident that all your exempt employees are properly classified?

  1. Yes, we make sure our exempt employees pass the Department of Labor’s duties and salary tests for their position to be exempt from overtime.
  2. I think so, but I’m not entirely sure.
  3. I didn’t know there were special requirements to make an employee exempt.
  4. Exempt from what?

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