Do You Suffer From Corporate Avoidance Syndrome?

Do You Suffer From Corporate Avoidance Syndrome? The reality is you probably do! Well over 95% of Americans do. Unfortunately, most of us suffer in silence because we haven’t identified the source of our misery. 

There is no cure for Corporate Avoidance Syndrome (CAS) but there are many highly effective treatments. These treatments can minimize the pain of CAS and bring comfort and joy back into your life. 

The first step is to determine if you have CAS. Below are the most common symptoms out of the 782 symptoms diagnosed by the Corporate Avoidance Syndrome Society (CASS). Do you have any of the symptoms below when you interact with Corporate America? 

  1. A strong belief that the interaction will be long, painful and unproductive
  2. An overwhelming desire to avoid the ordeal
  3. Extreme anger accompanied by a desire to smash inanimate objects near you 
  4. Irrational desire to hang up the phone or walk out even though you know you would have to restart the nonsense from the beginning
  5. A strange feeling that this ordeal is never going to end 
  6. Shortness of breath and abnormal heart palpitations 
  7. Uncomfortable feeling in the pit of your stomach 
  8. A strong certainty that this is NOT HOW PEOPLE SHOULD TREAT EACH OTHER! 
  9. A belief that it would be better to POKE A SHARP STICK IN YOUR EYE rather than deal with these idiots any longer 
  10. An absolute certainty that there must be a better way and that finding it so you can AVOID these corporate induced aggravations will significantly increase your quality of life. 

If you regularly have 3 or more of these symptoms then you have Corporate Avoidance Syndrome! 

While you may not be able to eliminate these interactions altogether you CAN avoid most of them. Studies conducted by the Corporate Avoidance Syndrome Society (CASS) have shown that treatments can reduce these traumatic interactions by up to 90%. Patients report a significant increase in happiness and well-being and a significant decrease in anxiety and aggravation. 

If you would like to experience these benefits all you have to do is adopt a treatment regimen focused on AVOIDING Corporate America while intentionally dealing with smaller, privately owned and local companies. 

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