Las Vegas TPC Payroll HR Company Celebrates 20 Years in Business

20th Anniversary Message from our Founder and President – Kimberly Miles

As we enter into our 20th year of business, I can’t help but feel a strong sense of appreciation for all of the incredible achievements and milestones TPC Payroll HR Consultants have accomplished during that time. After more than 30 years of experience in the payroll industry, I understand that payroll is the largest expense in most businesses. It must be done right for any business to flourish.

Surviving the economic trauma of 9/11 with just over a year in business was a feat in itself. Growing a company serving multiple states with virtually no travel was also a hurdle. Just as we were able to get the business truly thriving, the 2008 housing crash happened and Las Vegas, where TPC is headquartered, was severely affected. We elected to treat this as an opportunity to build a better platform and springboard to help TPC and its clients thrive during any future adversity.

We executed a pivotal rebrand in 2010. The Payroll Company transformed into TPC Payroll HR Consultants with the addition of HR and consulting services. These important experiences overcoming challenges brought us to the LEVEL UP mentality we adopted as the 2020 pandemic hit. No one could have predicted a pandemic; however, we were prepared as we already had strong virtual experience and technology.

This ever-changing market requires business owners and their teams to be agile and aggressive in order to participate in the finance sector. Moving large amounts of money and playing in the “bankers world” with no say on laws being made to protect businesses under $5 million, is a challenging and constantly evolving landscape.

We know that business is survival of the fittest, but it is also about doing the right thing! I stand before you as a proud business owner knowing that we were able to do all of this while holding true to our principal values, “Do unto others as you would have done unto yourself.” I started this company to create a safe place for all our teammates to reach their highest financial potential while never experiencing the “glass ceiling.” To create a better world, the #1 investment is to help humans. If we want humanitarian and humane treatment, we must take matters into our own hands.

Even as I work on making TPC financially strong, our team members’ benefits – including 401k match, PTO, and profit-sharing pay – were not frozen or decreased during the coronaVERSE. As a company, we will continue to lead by example and deliver the best service for all our clients so we can come out of this together.

This has created a back-to-basics approach and a family-like culture within the organization with fair pay and benefits to compete with larger corporations. It is because of our commitment to our values that our people make the difference. The personal growth my team has been able to accomplish, my personal successes in business and the community, as well as my first book, are all part of the same values-based philosophy. Looking back, I am so glad I stuck with my values and strove to do what I knew was right rather than what others around me were doing. Being the example for other business owners by empowering team members and NOT selling out to offers from big corporate greed (despite all the money I could make) is my proudest accomplishment.

True leaders put people first. It is our social responsibility to give a hand up, to keep the money in circulation locally, and create better communities within our own economy. When we empower one another the true nature of our being shines. I found very early on that when the feminine rules the finances, they nurture the process the same way they do their own children. In turn money experiences growth.

I count myself fortunate to work with a great team at TPC. We have been through many dark nights together, but it has only strengthened our bond and our resolve to be the best at serving our clients. It is because of the way they go above and beyond for our clients that we continue to flourish. There are so many people to mention who are directly and indirectly on my team who have helped me create a path to success.  I’d especially like to recognize Pamela Myles for her tireless efforts, growth, and service.

In closing, I want to share my sincerest gratitude to the clients, referral partners, and friends who have made the last 20 years possible. The team at TPC honors our relationship with each of you and truly looks forward to even bigger and better celebrations to come.